1. Since Beginningless Beginning 6:27
  2. Let it Flow 4:53
  3. Opening 12:03
  4. Belonging 4:38
  5. Space is Joy 7:52
  6. Be Slow 4:18
  7. Love Song (Lamento) 4:32
  8. Compassion 5:42
  9. Once upon a Time 6:59
  10. Finale 12:23
Sound Meditations / Klangmeditationen

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Klangmeditationen / Sound Meditations von Jens Mügge

Jens Mügge: Klangmeditationen / Sound Meditations
Artwork by Claudia Dose - Graphic Realisation / Design: Jens Mügge

From the booklet:

The music of these sound meditations was recorded in summer 2008 in Berlin Grunewald Ökowerk. The pieces are all improvisations - created in the moment of now and came to the world in the "underground" of the wunderful atmosphere by the watertank of the Ökowerk Berlin Grunewald - a unique sound space with almost eight up to ten seconds reverb / echo. My instruments were my throat and overtone singing, a Shrutibox and Tanpura from India, a Khomus from the Altai, a Spring Drum from the U.S. and various singing bowls from Nepal. The sound meditations were not mixed in a recording studio or with a "sound mixing program" after the live session. They originated in the moment itself, in one piece as a whole piece. The recordings were just mastered my wolfman from toolhouse-recordings.de - My thankfulness goes to the stuff from Ökowerk Berlin Grundwald, Max Fuerth for his very good ear and patience, to record the sound meditations with a mobile recording studio. And I am grateful that I was allowed to use Claudia Dose's - claudiadose.com - artwork "Heart String" for the booklet and label of this CD. - I wish you bliss and joy and may you have a great benefit through these sound meditations. -

Jens Mügge

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The CD Klangmeditationen is published under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported [cc by-nc-sa] license.

Creative Commons License

I adapted for the CD cover - with friendly permission - an artwork by Claudia Dose. It is a great pleasure for me to keep an eye on their artistic creations. Their artworks can be admired at www.claudiadose.com

The songs were recorded by Max Fürth live on 30th July 2008 at Oekowerk Berlin Grunewald. I am thankful that wolfman - Toolhouse Recordings, Lützelhausen, Linsengericht in Germany mastered the recordings.