Jens Mügge sang as a child in various choirs. At the age of ten, he discovered for less money a simple jew's harp from Austria at a toy store in his hometown Osterode. Intuitively he played on this jaw harp different melodies of traditional folk songs from his homeland, a very native country with notive rites and ancient excises. At that time he did not know that the Jew's harp playing is based on the structure of harmonic series. Later Jens »found« a didgeridoo and deepened his interest in music based on overtones. Finally he was introduced into overtone singing in summer 2001 and now immerse his enthusiasm for the magic of harmonics and overtones.

In seminars and personal meetings with Reinhard Schimmelpfeng, Wolfgang Saus, Hosoo, Gendo, David Hykes, Tran Quang Hai, Jan Heinke, Christian Bollmann and Stuart Hinds awoke in him the desire to record a CD with his own style of overtone singing and overtone music. 2008 was the right time for his debut CD called »Klangmeditationen / Sound Meditations« a live session recording in a former water reservoir of the Oekowerk Berlin Grunewald. On this »Klangmeditationen / Sound Meditations« you can listen a tanpura and Shrutibox from India, a Jew's harp from the Altai, a Sansula from the Lueneburg Heath (Germany), a Spring Drum from the United States, singing bowls from Nepal, a didgeridoo from Australia and european overtone singing. In October 2012 followed a second CD called »Sound Meditations Vol. 2 « recorded at the same place like the debut CD. Both CD are published and ready for sale as MP3 downloads on iTunes, amazon, bandcamp and CD Baby.