I have been an overtone musician since October 2010 Jens Müggeand a jaw harper. Since October 2010 I have been performing on stage in concerts - playing instruments based on natural tones and overtone singing. You may call it overtone music or music of the spheres. Even as a child, while singing in children's choirs, I was able to sing with a full spectrum of voice. Music - especially singing - has always been very important in my life, not just as an artistic expression but more so as an expression of connection, a living community and spirituality. One place to practice music in such a way was the Community of Taizé in France where I spend many years learning and to chant while living, connecting and sharing my gifts. The chantings from Taizé had a great impact in and on my life and my understanding of music and singing.

It wasn't on my mind to perform one-hour solo concerts when I was in my twenties and thirties - but after I discovered overtone singing in summer 2001 I followed this new path and mainly due to the feedback after my concerts - to touch people very deeply with my kind of music and help them to find with harmonics their inner harmony - encouraged me to follow my new destiny.

Throughout my life I had to reinvent myself again and again - music has been the anchor that held my life together. It is a precious gift that helps me to connect with my inner core and harmony and I am now offering the same to you: Discover your inner core thru sound, find inner harmony with harmonics!.

All the best,
Jens Mügge