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De Nomine Pacem - my overtone singing was recorded in the water reservoir of Oekowerk Berlin Grunewald during the recordings for my debut CD »Klangmeditationen / Sound Meditations«. De Nomine Pacem - or also known in German as »Verleih uns Frieden gnädlich« is previously undisclosed. The photos in this video were taken at the church yard of Bergmannstraße in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The video »Klangmeditationen« is a live performance during a concert for the 20th anniversary of the »Yoga Akadamie Berlin« at the Yoga Akademie Berlin. First, an introduction with overtone singing and didgeridoo, then overtone singing accompanied with two Shrutiboxes and at the end my piece »Love Song (Lamento)«, which can be heard on my debut CD as piece No. 7.

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Lausche dem Obertongesang - Lullabye auf YouTube

»Lullabye« was originally an overtone singing improvisation. I sing overtones since 2001 and this video recording is from spring 2008, was taken at an exhibition by the painter Marc O'Brain. I was very surprised that I won with this video a small price in September 2009 - a »Featured Video Performance« of an online community for vocalist - The Modern Vocalist - founded by R. Lunte.

Michelle is my ultimate favorite melody of the Fab Four. I rehearsed it on a summer day 2009 in the backyard of my apartment in Berlin. The result is this video recording. Whether Paul McCartney would like it? I do not know. He is author of this tune and at least I like it ...

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Michelle (Overtone Singing)